Ekiti PDP Alliance Media Warns Party Leaders to Boycott “Anti-Party” Meeting

The Ekiti PDP Alliance Media, under the leadership of Hon. Tunde Oke (known as “le Espanol”), has issued a stern warning to all Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leaders across Ekiti state to ignore a meeting called by former Governor Ayodele Fayose.

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In a statement, the media group’s coordinator said the meeting scheduled for June 10th, 2024 is an “attempt by Former Governor Fayose to keep playing his anti-party activities.” The group accused Fayose of trying to “assemble our people, cajole them, take video clips and send to his paymasters for the destructive role he is playing in the PDP.”

The PDP Alliance Media warned that attending this meeting would be “tantamount to working against the progress of the party” as the party prepares for the upcoming congress to elect new administrators who can rebuild the party and position it to win the 2026 elections.

The group advised all PDP media personnel not to share any content or files originating from Fayose’s “satanic orchestrated meetings,” stating that doing so would “help them promote an unpopular political staged drama.” Instead, the media team was urged to continue building the party’s image and ignoring activities from those seeking to destroy the PDP in Ekiti.

The statement was signed by Tosin Ajayi Emanuel, the PDP Alliance Media’s Public Relations Officer, and Tunde Oke, the group’s coordinator.

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