Federal Polytechnic Ayede Conducts Admission Awareness Campaign for Students

Federal Polytechnic Ayede on Monday organized a session on admission activities for both new and returning students, showcasing its commitment to academic excellence and student well-being. The Institution Led by the Rector, Engr. Dr. Taofeek Adekunle Abdul-Hameed, the institution aimed to provide valuable information and support to the students.

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During the session, the Deputy Registrar, Mr. G. K Olatinwo, emphasized the importance of starting strong academically and urged the students to focus on their studies from the beginning. He encouraged them to share their positive experiences at Federal Polytechnic Ayede with their acquaintances, inviting them to take advantage of the institution’s quality education and supportive learning environment.

The Deputy Registrar also highlighted the significance of maintaining good character throughout their program, emphasizing integrity and personal growth during their time at the Polytechnic.

Accompanying the Deputy Registrar were other officials, including the Assistant Registrar, Academic Affairs, Mr. Dare Samuel, Admission Officer Mrs. J. O. Odebunmi, Mr. Sylvester Eye from the Registry Department, and Mr. Samson Oladejo from the Public Relations Unit. Their presence contributed to the supportive atmosphere of the session, showcasing the institution’s dedication to student success and holistic development.

The students, both new and returning, left the session feeling motivated and supported, ready to embark on their academic journey at Federal Polytechnic Ayede with enthusiasm and determination.

The positive and encouraging message delivered by the Deputy Registrar and other officials set a promising tone for the new academic year, inspiring students to strive for excellence in their studies and uphold values of integrity and dedication.

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