Federal Workers Advocate For Naira Stability Post Minimum Wage Adjustment

During a recent gathering, representatives of the Federal Workers Forum expressed their concerns regarding the potential devaluation of the Naira following the implementation of the new national minimum wage. Led by National Coordinator Comrade Andrew Emelieze, the forum acknowledged the government’s efforts in introducing wage awards but emphasized the importance of maintaining the stability of the Naira amidst economic shifts.

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After the meeting, the forum issued a communique, signed by its members, which highlighted the need for timely and transparent wage adjustments. They urged President Tinubu’s administration to announce the new minimum wage by Workers’ Day, May 1, 2024. The forum emphasized that the current economic climate, worsened by the removal of fuel subsidies and subsequent currency devaluation, requires a living wage that adequately addresses the daily survival needs of federal workers.

The forum drew attention to the challenges faced by workers due to rising transportation and meal costs. They provided an estimate of the daily expenses required for survival and called for a fair and just compensation package. They argued that the current minimum wage of ₦35,000 is insufficient to provide a decent standard of living. Furthermore, the forum demanded the settlement of all outstanding arrears owed to federal workers to alleviate their financial burdens.

Taking a firm stance against further currency devaluation, the forum urged the government to take decisive action to eradicate poverty among federal workers and ensure economic stability in light of the minimum wage adjustment.

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