Ondo 2024: It’s not a sin that I married Ibo Wife – Olusola Oke

Olusola Oke, an aspirant for the gubernatorial position on the All Progressives Congress (APC) platform, addressed his supporters and the people of Ondo state, urging them not to pay attention to those who are using his marriage to an Igbo woman to attack his candidacy.

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Oke made these remarks during a town hall meeting held in Igbara-Oke, the headquarters of Ifedore Local Government Area. The meeting was organized in preparation for the APC shadow election scheduled for April 20, 2024.

His political opponents have been attempting to exploit the ethnic background of his second wife, Nkem, in order to generate negative public opinion against him.

Oke emphasized that there is nothing wrong with a man marrying outside his ethnic group and described his Igbo wife as a wonderful and compassionate woman. He pointed out that his political opponents are deliberately ignoring his Yoruba wife of over four decades, Dr. Daisi, in order to further their own selfish political agendas.

The gubernatorial aspirant asserted that he is a man who maintains firm control over his family. He reassured his supporters, saying, “They will try to deceive you by claiming that I have an Igbo wife, as if it is a sin to marry outside the Yoruba race. I have a Yoruba wife, Dr. Daisi Oke, who has been my partner for 41 years. But they will distort the truth for their own selfish reasons. Let me state that I am firmly in control of my family.”

Oke, a prominent contender for the APC gubernatorial ticket, pledged his commitment to establishing secure farm settlements, constructing roads to facilitate agricultural activities, and revitalizing defunct industries with the assistance of the private sector.

He also promised to establish technology hubs at the local government and senatorial levels to empower young minds and unlock their potential for the economic prosperity of the state.

Oke stressed that the economic rejuvenation of Ondo state can only be achieved through agriculture, coastal development, and robust industrial growth.

He cautioned APC members against nominating a candidate who is not part of their ranks, urging them not to vote for a stranger as governor. Oke emphasized his familiarity with the challenges faced by the party and expressed his desire to be part of the solution.

The gubernatorial aspirant assured APC members that he would uphold the supremacy of the party in his administration.

Furthermore, he pledged to restore Akure to its status as a fitting state capital by providing essential amenities such as a modern stadium, reliable water supply, efficient healthcare, and well-constructed roads.

Reflecting on his previous unsuccessful attempts to secure the gubernatorial seat, Oke declared that it is now his turn to be governor, believing that God has positioned him to bring good governance to Ondo state.

During the town hall meeting, Monday Adamu, the youth leader in Ifedore, publicly pledged one million naira in support of Oke’s campaign.

Representatives of APC leaders, speaking on behalf of others, reiterated their unwavering support for Oke, highlighting the support they have received from him over the years.

Oke led the APC supporters in observing a minute of silence for the late Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu and Dr. Paul Akintelure, a former aspirant who recently passed away, while offering prayers for the repose of their souls.

Throughout the weekend, Oke visited other local government areas, including Akure North, Akure South, Idanre, and Ondo West, to engage with the people and garner support for his gubernatorial bid.

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