Oyo LG Polls: Reps’ Member, Remi Oseni Condemns Election Irregularities, Calls For Complete Rejection Of Results And Divine Intervention

In a stirring address to the nation, Engr. Remi Oseni, the federal honorable representing the esteemed constituents of Ido/Ibarapa Federal Constituency in the Federal House of Representatives, Abuja, has voiced his vehement condemnation of the recent local government elections in Oyo State.

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Engr. Oseni began by expressing his deep concern over what he described as an “egregious assault on democracy” orchestrated during the elections. He lamented the withholding of election materials and the calculated campaign of electoral subterfuge allegedly carried out by certain actors, particularly targeting his constituency.

“These actions betray a callous disregard for the sanctity of the ballot box and a cynical determination to silence the voices of the people,” Engr. Oseni asserted, drawing parallels with Acts 7:9-10, which recounts Joseph’s plight at the hands of envious patriarchs.

The federal lawmaker went on to commend the efforts of his party leaders, members, and candidates who participated in the election, emphasizing their commitment and resilience in the face of adversity. He expressed gratitude for their unwavering dedication, echoing the sentiments of Psalm 55 in calling for divine intervention against wickedness and deceit.

However, Engr. Oseni issued a solemn warning against accepting any election results that may be announced, cautioning of potential consequences in the eyes of divine justice. “I encourage whoever knows they didn’t win the election not to accept the result, for the wrath of God may be upon the outcome,” he urged, citing Psalm 55:15-16 as a testament to his unwavering faith in divine justice.

In a powerful call to action, Engr. Oseni invoked divine intervention, urging his constituents to engage in fervent prayer for seven days to combat the forces of wickedness and ensure justice prevails. He outlined seven specific prayers, invoking biblical imagery and divine intervention to thwart the plans of evildoers.

The federal lawmaker concluded by reaffirming his commitment to leadership, honor, and the supremacy of God, while expressing hope for a brighter future despite the challenges faced during the elections. He called upon his constituents to stand firm in their faith and determination, trusting in the God of Elijah to manifest His power and deliver them from adversity.

As the people of Ido/Ibarapa Federal Constituency navigate through these tumultuous times, they look to Engr. Remi Oseni as a steadfast advocate and beacon of hope in their pursuit of democracy and justice.

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