PDP NEC: Group Advocates for Substative National Chairman • urges Amb Damagum to Step Aside

The Ekiti PDP Youth Alliance has called the National Acting Chairman, Damagum, to step aside from his position. The group made this demand in anticipation of the upcoming PDP NEC Meeting scheduled for the 18th of April at Wadata Plaza in Abuja.

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During a press briefing in Ado Ekiti, Mr. Tunde Oke, a member of the alliance, highlighted the group’s stance, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the party’s constitution in cases of leadership vacancies.

“Our position is based on what the Constitution of our party stipulates regarding the hierarchy of the party,” Mr. Oke stated. “In the event of a vacancy in the chairman’s position, the deputy chairman from the ousted Chairman’s zone should assume an acting capacity until the NEC meeting is convened or a mini-convention is held to fill the position for the remainder of the term.”

Mr. Oke further expressed concern over the prolonged absence of a NEC meeting, which has been over a year. He pointed out that this lack of leadership and direction has had a detrimental impact on the party’s performance.

The Ekiti PDP Youth Alliance called on Damagum to step aside to allow for the appointment of a substantial chairman. They believe that the party needs strong and effective leadership to navigate the challenges ahead and restore its momentum.

The alliance eagerly awaits the upcoming NEC meeting, where the group hopes that the issue of appointing a new chairman will be addressed. They believe that the timely resolution of this matter is crucial for the party’s success and cohesion.

It is expected that the PDP leadership will carefully consider the concerns raised by the Ekiti PDP Youth Alliance and take appropriate action to address the leadership vacuum and ensure the party’s stability and progress.

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