PDP’s Optimism as the Opposition Party in the 2026 Ekiti Gubernatorial Election: Overcoming Challenges with Arrogant Leaders and Devoted Members

By Akomolafe Olumide

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With the highly anticipated 2026 Ekiti gubernatorial election coming, the state is filled with concern and political fervour. As the principal opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) faces particular hurdles in achieving success and a bright future for Ekiti State. It is Important to discuss the PDP’s role as the opposition, addressing the challenges it faces as a result of resistance to change among its leaders and loyal members.

Since a flourishing democracy is dependent on the presence of a robust opposition, which serves as a necessary check and balance to the ruling party. As Ekiti State’s principal opposition party, the PDP is responsible for proposing alternative policies, scrutinising the activities of the existing administration, and campaigning for the people’s interests.

The PDP in Ekiti State faces the problem of dealing with leaders who are resistant or arrogant to change and slow to adopt new ideas. These individuals can stymie development by adhering to antiquated political techniques and failing to adjust to shifting realities. Overcoming internal opposition and cultivating a culture of inclusivity, forward thinking, and togetherness which is critical to the party’s success.

Furthermore, Improper managing of devoted members by the factions of So called leader’s with different interests and objectives presents a sensitive problem for the PDP. Internal power conflicts and personal ambitions can occasionally eclipse the party’s collective goals. To accomplish this, the PDP must deftly harness the varied talents and viewpoints within its ranks, directing them towards a single purpose of serving the people of Ekiti State.

Despite the aforementioned hurdles, the PDP members remain hopeful about its chances in the impending Ekiti gubernatorial elections. The party’s strength stems from its track record of successful governance in the state, with previous administrations adopting significant developmental projects and initiatives. This legacy demonstrates the PDP’s capacity to lead and govern effectively.

Furthermore, the PDP might capitalise on residents’ displeasure with the slow performance of the ruling party, APC Led by Gov. Biodun Oyebanji . By properly exposing the concerns that people confront and presenting alternative answers, the PDP may represent itself as a credible option for addressing Ekiti State’s challenges.

With the 2026 Ekiti gubernatorial race approaching, the PDP must manage internal divisions while putting up a strong and cohesive opposition front. In the face of oppositional leaders and dedicated members with a range of interests, the party is nevertheless optimistic and focused on winning. The PDP can establish itself as the best choice for the people of Ekiti State by building on its history of successful leadership, appealing to the desires of the populace, and offering alternatives to existing solutions. Eventually, the state may accomplish growth, development, and a better future for everybody by cultivating strong opposition and constructive political rivalry.




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