Peter Obi can leave, but Abure is unknown to us-NLC

The Labour Party (LP) is currently facing a deepening leadership crisis, with the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) taking a firm stance against Julius Abure, the National Chairman. The NLC, represented by spokesperson Benson Upah, has declared Abure’s re-election at a controversial convention as “illegal” and refuses to acknowledge his legitimacy. Upah boldly stated, “Our position is clear – Abure remains unknown to us. As far as we know, he does not exist.”, pub-3822032484198406, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

This development has been accompanied by calls from retired workers under the Lagos Assembly of Labour Veterans and Trade Unionists for both Abure and NLC President Joe Ajaero to resign. The discontent among party members is palpable.

Peter Obi, the LP’s presidential candidate, has also found himself at odds with the party leadership. Obi has expressed frustration over the lack of broader consultation before the convention, which was evident during an X (formerly Twitter) Space session. Interestingly, Obi was conspicuously absent from the event that saw Abure’s re-election.

Obi’s discontent has fueled speculation that he may be considering alternative political platforms, despite the LP’s assurances of a presidential ticket in 2027. However, Upah downplayed such speculations, stating that Obi has the “right of choice” and that the NLC “can’t stand in his way” if he decides to leave the party.

While acknowledging Obi’s value as an “asset,” Upah emphasized that the NLC’s primary focus is on removing Abure from power. This public discord raises significant concerns about the party’s unity and its ability to mount a successful presidential campaign.

Please note that the information provided is fictional and does not reflect any real-world events or individuals.

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