Protesters interrupt Biden, Obama, Clinton fundraiser

President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama joined forces to headline a star-studded fundraiser alongside former President Bill Clinton. The event, held at Radio City Music Hall in New York, aimed to raise over $25 million for Biden’s reelection campaign. However, the fundraiser was interrupted by protesters who criticized Biden’s support for Israel during the Gaza crisis, which has resulted in significant loss of life., pub-3822032484198406, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Despite the interruptions, Obama and Clinton defended Biden’s approach to the Gaza crisis, emphasizing the challenging decisions that come with being in the White House. They highlighted the need for a president to support Israel while also advocating for improved conditions and a future state for Palestinians. Obama responded firmly to one protester, urging them to listen and engage in dialogue.

The former presidents also defended Biden’s handling of the economy, which has received low ratings in national polls. Clinton pointed out that Biden’s economic performance has surpassed that of the Trump administration, expressing confidence in his ability to lead and deserving of another term.

The event featured performances by musicians such as Queen Latifah, Lizzo, Ben Platt, Cynthia Erivo, and Lea Michele. Attendees had the opportunity to have their pictures taken with the three presidents by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump, Biden’s Republican challenger in the upcoming election, attended a wake for a slain New York City policeman in the same area. Trump emphasized the need for law and order, a central theme of his campaign, and expressed support for the police.

Biden’s predecessors’ show of support aimed to demonstrate party unity and fundraising strength, as Biden’s approval ratings have been relatively low. The event attracted more than 5,000 attendees, with ticket prices ranging from $250 to $500,000.

Biden injected some humor into the event, referencing President Harry Truman’s advice about getting a dog for a friend in Washington. He joked about his dog Commander, who left the White House after a series of biting incidents involving Secret Service agents. The event concluded with all three men donning aviator sunglasses, a signature of Biden’s, and Biden playfully referencing a meme about himself called “Dark Brandon.”

While Trump aims to raise $33 million in an upcoming fundraiser, Biden has consistently outraised him, garnering support from both big donors and grassroots contributions. Biden’s campaign raised over $53 million in February alone, and his address to Congress in March resulted in an additional $10 million in donations within 24 hours.

In summary, the fundraiser featuring Biden, Obama, and Clinton aimed to raise funds for Biden’s reelection campaign while addressing criticisms and concerns raised by protesters. The event sought to showcase party unity and garner support for Biden’s presidency, with a focus on his handling of the Gaza crisis and the economy.

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