Tapswappers in Panic as Wallet Option Is Removed from Tapswap

Tapswap, a popular crypto-mining app, has unexpectedly removed the wallet option from its platform, just hours after announcing it will no longer launch on the Solana blockchain. This sudden move has sparked concerns among the “Tapswappers” community, particularly since it coincided with a postponed debut date.

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According to H-tech, a Nigerian crypto specialist on Facebook, the wallet withdrawal has led to calls for calm among miners, as they await further updates from the Tapswap team.

Crypto experts have speculated on the possible reasons behind the wallet removal. Moreblessing Ogbogo suggests that this could indicate Tapswap’s decision to abandon its initial plans to launch on the Solana chain. Ogbogo believes this is due to a lack of full backing and sponsorship from Solana.

Another expert, Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma, added that the project may not have been expected to be as successful as it turned out to be. Nwokoma suggests that Tapswap may have decided to switch to a different blockchain, not because Solana is bad, but rather for their own strategic reasons.

Nwokoma also draws a comparison to the NOTCOIN project, which did not choose a particular exchange from the outset, but instead began listing on different exchanges as the project progressed. Nwokoma remains hopeful that Tapswap’s decision to remove the wallet option is ultimately for the best, though he acknowledges that the community is still waiting to see how the situation unfolds.

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