Wole Oluyede Joins Race for Ekiti 2026, Focusing on “Resetting Values and Commitment to the Public Good

Ekiti State – Dr. Wole Olumayokun Oluyede, a renowned son of Ikere-Ekiti, has announced his candidacy for the upcoming Ekiti State elections in 2026. With a vision to counter the prevailing challenges in leadership and restore hope for the future, Oluyede aims to bring his expertise as a surgeon to remove the deep-rooted corruption and elevate the prospects of generations to come.

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Having been born and raised in Ikere Ekiti, Dr. Oluyede brings a wealth of experience and a strong public service background to the table. His journey has taken him across the globe, including the United States of America, Canada, the Caribbean, and Australia, where he has not only acquired extensive international experience but also established valuable networks.

For Dr. Oluyede, his moral and intellectual foundations are firmly rooted in the virtues of hard work, honesty, decency, and respect for human dignity, which are integral to the Ekiti identity he proudly carries. Unfortunately, these values have faced significant threats and erosion in recent times. Consequently, he aims to collaborate with like-minded individuals to rebuild the human capital of Ekiti and collectively reset the foundations of the state.

Dr. Oluyede’s motivation stems from the desire to revive the sense of community that has been lost in Ekiti. His campaign focuses on reinstating genuine commitment to the public good, revitalizing the principles of hard work, dignity, and prosperity, and ensuring that Ekiti reclaims its rightful place and recognition within Nigeria.

The formation of the “Ekiti Rebirth Movement” signals Dr. Oluyede’s dedication to this cause. By joining forces with others who share his passion, he aims to foster a brighter future for Ekiti, where the values and virtues that define its people are upheld and cherished.

The upcoming Ekiti State elections in 2026 will undoubtedly be a critical turning point for the state. Dr. Wole Oluyede’s entry into the race injects a fresh perspective and a renewed hope for Ekiti’s progress and prosperity.

As the campaign unfolds, citizens eagerly anticipate the potential positive impact of Dr. Oluyede’s leadership and his commitment to resetting values and reestablishing a deep-rooted commitment to the public good.

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