Why Bobrisky, others can’t be arrested – Police

The Nigeria Police has provided insight into why they are unable to arrest crossdressers in the country. In an interview on Channels TV, the police spokesperson, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, explained that the issue is complex and poses challenges for law enforcement.

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Adejobi clarified that cross-dressing is not currently considered a punishable offense in Nigeria. He further emphasized that there is a lack of specific evidence linking crossdressers to the LGBTQ community, making it difficult to take legal action against them.

He stated, “There are some cases that are always very difficult to prove. I’m not ruling out that we have many of them. Let us be reasonable, you can’t have someone you want to prosecute without having credible evidence against them. I have not read anywhere where crossdressing is an offense in Nigeria.”

Adejobi acknowledged that some crossdressers face allegations of engaging in other activities, but stressed the importance of having sufficient proof and credible evidence to support such claims. He highlighted that these offenses, if proven, would fall under existing natural offenses in Nigeria and be punishable by law.

The comments made by Adejobi come at a time when there is public debate surrounding the moral position of prominent crossdresser Bobrisky, who was recently recognized as the best-dressed female at a movie premiere by Eniola Ajao.

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