Why I became transgender — Bobrisky

Bobrisky, a well-known and controversial figure, recently opened up about his journey towards embracing his transgender identity. During an interview with Charly Boy, he shared that while he was studying accounting at the University of Lagos, he pursued a side business selling unisex clothing.

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While marketing his merchandise, Bobrisky started experimenting with female clothing and found himself increasingly drawn to these outfits. Over time, he began incorporating them into his personal style. He reflected on this period, saying, “About nine years ago, while I was studying Accounting at the University of Lagos, I had a side hustle selling unisex clothes. I would often try on the female clothes myself, and I discovered that I loved the way they looked on me.”

As more women started to patronize his business, Bobrisky expanded his exploration of crossdressing to include female hairstyles and makeup. Encouraged by the positive feedback he received on his appearance as a woman, he made the decision to continue cross-dressing, initially as a marketing strategy.

“At first, I didn’t plan on doing it for a long time. It was primarily a marketing strategy. However, people started complimenting me, saying that I looked better as a woman than as a man. That’s how I eventually became Bobrisky,” he explained.

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