Bobrisky and Portable’s Epic Clash: A Side-Splitting Showdown

The media landscape is currently buzzing with the amusing clash between social media personalities Idris Okunye, better known as Bobrisky, and Habeeb Okikiola, popularly called Portable. These two individuals thrive on controversy and are always at the center of attention, maintaining their relevance through crises and disputes., pub-3822032484198406, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Both Bobrisky and Portable share a common Unique Selling Point—controversy. They know that their moments of cashing in and making headlines come when they find themselves embroiled in controversy. They are shameless figures who pay no heed to social status or class hierarchy. In fact, they make millions from stirring up controversy rather than relying on their own talents.

Their current feud revolves around an award that Bobrisky received as the best-dressed individual at the Eniola Ajao Movie Premiere. This decision to honor a cross-dresser as the most well-dressed woman among the actresses present raises questions in the minds of average Nigerians. It is seen as nothing more than a nonsensical act and an embarrassing attempt at garnering attention. Eniola Ajao’s choice of publicity stunt missed the mark entirely.

Considering the circumstances, Bobrisky should have anticipated the backlash that would follow such an award. While he may have foreseen the buzz, he probably did not expect it to come from Portable, a Wahala musician. If Bobrisky had been aware of his ongoing media war with Portable, he would have refrained from engaging and simply ignored him. There is a Yoruba proverb that says, “A warrior who wants to live long will not fight every battle.” A wise warrior chooses which battles to fight and which to avoid. Bobrisky should have disregarded Portable and focused on the actresses who invited him to grace the event.

Bobrisky and Portable, in the context of this situation, can be likened to posh pigs residing in a realm of controversy and mystic criticism. However, Bobrisky has already lost the battle from the outset. The only aspect that bothers Portable is being labeled a dirty boy. For Portable, his recent diss track has become a social media hit, garnering numerous shares, likes, and comments. This is one of those rare moments when Nigerian media users find themselves on the same side as the Zazuu Crooner, solely due to the type of person he is pitted against.

The average Nigerian holds a strong aversion towards Bobrisky, and this is the primary reason why Portable has gained momentum in their current altercation. I perceive the media frenzy between the “Mummy of Lagos” and the “Ika of Africa” as a prolonged comic relief—a welcome distraction from the economic hardships faced by Nigerians. The creative industry deserves appreciation for providing this form of relief to the populace.


Akomolafe Olumide P


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