Ekiti Rebirth Movement Encourages Dr. Wole Oluyede to Run for Governor, Citing Education and Experience 

The Ekiti Rebirth Movement has intensified its Call for Dr. Wole Oluyede to contest the upcoming governorship election in Ekiti State.

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The movement led by Mr. Olorunda Femi and other individuals who are passionate about the progress and development of the state, has highlighted Dr. Oluyede’s exceptional education, extensive engagement with the people, and his vast medical experience as compelling reasons for his candidacy.

Born in Ikere Ekiti, Dr. Wole Oluyede has emerged as a prominent figure in the community, demonstrating his commitment to serving the people even outside the realms of public office. His consistent engagement with the citizens, actively addressing their concerns and seeking solutions, has earned him widespread respect and trust.

With an illustrious career spanning 38 years as a medical doctor, Dr. Oluyede brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. His deep understanding of healthcare systems and his insights into the welfare of the people make him a formidable candidate for the governorship position. Dr. Oluyede’s extensive experience in the medical field equips him with a unique perspective on good governance, emphasizing the importance of quality healthcare, public welfare, and effective policy implementation.

The people of Ekiti, both within the state and in the diaspora, eagerly anticipate Dr. Oluyede’s candidature in the forthcoming 2026 elections. They recognize his unwavering dedication to the well-being of the citizens and believe that under his leadership, Ekiti State can experience significant progress and growth.

As the Ekiti Rebirth Movement gains momentum, its members actively encourage Dr. Oluyede to heed their call and formally declare his intention to run for governor. They firmly believe that his exceptional education, extensive engagement with the people, and his background as a medical professional uniquely position him to address the pressing issues facing Ekiti State and lead it towards a prosperous future.

The Ekiti Rebirth Movement is gaining widespread support as more individuals from various sectors of society rally behind Dr. Oluyede’s potential candidacy. They express their optimism that with his leadership, Ekiti State can witness a transformative era of effective governance, improved public services, and enhanced opportunities for all citizens.

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