PDP Kicks Off Crucial Member Registration Ahead of 2026 Elections

In a move to strengthen its organizational structure and prepare for the upcoming 2026 general elections, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has released detailed guidelines for the ongoing registration and verification of its members across the country.

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The party, in a strongly worded statement from the State Secretariat, has emphasized the importance of strict compliance with the registration process, which is in line with Chapter 2, Part 1, Section 8(1-14) of the PDP Party Constitution (2017) as amended.

According to the guidelines, each member’s name must be filed in the register with their corresponding membership card numbers. This directive has come with a strong push for party members to purchase the newly produced membership cards, which are available at the party Secretariat.

“The purchase of the newly produced membership cards is crucial for this exercise,” the statement read. “This will ensure that each member’s details are properly documented and their status within the party is clearly identified.”

In addition to the registration, the party has also mandated that all members must pay their annual dues and input the same in their party membership cards. This, the party believes, will not only strengthen the party’s financial standing but also foster a sense of ownership and commitment among its members.

The registration process has been set to be completed by May 28th, 2024, with the ward Chairmen and Secretaries tasked with authenticating the registration of each member. Furthermore, all authenticated ward registers are to be submitted to the State Secretariat on or before May 30th, 2024.

The PDP State Chairman, Engr Alaba Agboola, and the State Secretary, Mrs Ogun Funmilayo Theresa, have both emphasized the importance of this exercise, stating that it will be a crucial step in the party’s preparations for the 2026 elections.

“This is a critical moment for our party,” Engr Agboola said. “The successful completion of this member registration and verification process will not only strengthen our organizational structure but also send a strong message about our readiness to reclaim power and deliver on our promises to the Nigerian people.”

The party has urged all its members to comply with the guidelines and ensure that the registration process is carried out in a transparent and efficient manner. The PDP leadership has also assured that they will be closely monitoring the exercise to ensure that it is conducted in accordance with the party’s constitution and principles.

As the State gears up for the 2026 elections, the PDP’s efforts to streamline its membership and strengthen its organizational structure are seen as a crucial step in its quest to regain its position as a dominant political force in Nigeria.

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