Supreme Council of Ikere Youths Engages Senator Yemi Adaramodu on Power Supply, Proposed Ikere FMC, and Other Conspicuous Matters

In a significant development, the Supreme Council of Ikere Youths Worldwide, led by their National President, Asoju Oba Akin Afuye, convened a crucial meeting with Senator Yemi Adaramodu, the representative of Ekiti South Senatorial District, on Tuesday, April 9, 2024., pub-3822032484198406, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

The meeting aimed to address pressing issues such as power supply challenges and concerns surrounding the proposed Federal Medical Centre (FMC) in Ikere.

Regarding electricity matters, the Council expressed gratitude for the recent installation of a transformer in Okekere Community. However, they emphasized the persistent problem of inadequate electricity supply, particularly concerning the main 2.5 MVA RMU transformer at Ikere Garage.

This transformer supplies power to parts of Odo-Oja and Uro transformer quarters, leading to frequent outages. The Council urged Senator Adaramodu to intervene by upgrading the transformer’s capacity from 2.5MVA to 5.5MHV. This upgrade would alleviate the load-shedding issues in Uro quarters, which affect approximately 11 transformers. Senator Adaramodu pledged to work on the Council’s request and address the electricity challenges.

The Council also appealed to Senator Adaramodu for support and assistance regarding the proposed Federal Medical Centre (FMC) in Ikere. They expressed concerns about the lack of federal government presence in the Ekiti South Senatorial District, except for the recently established Federal College of Education in Ilawe Ekiti.

In contrast, other senatorial districts in Ekiti have several federal agencies and institutions. Senator Adaramodu acknowledged the Council’s concerns and explained that the National Assembly lacks the authority to create any agency without executive approval. He assured the Council that he would follow the necessary process and work with them and the community on the FMC matter after the Muslim holidays.

Another matter raised during the meeting was the condition of the Ado-Ikere-Akure road. The Council expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of work done by the KOPEC Contractor on the Ekiti section of the road, citing the use of inferior materials compared to the contractor responsible for the Akure to Ekiti boundary stretch.

The Council appealed to Senator Adaramodu for assistance in monitoring the project and restoring the road to the awarded standard. Senator Adaramodu acknowledged the concerns and pledged to engage the Chairman of the Works’ Committee in the National Assembly, as well as the Minister of Works, to address the matter and provide progress reports.

Furthermore, Senator Adaramodu raised the issue of the long-abandoned NITEL BUILDING in Ikere. He expressed his plan to raise the matter in the Senate when the plenary session resumes after the Muslim holiday. Recognizing the significance of the abandoned building, he emphasized the need for urgent action to revitalize it, given its current unproductive state and potential security threats in the center of the town.

The meeting highlighted the collaborative efforts between the Supreme Council of Ikere Youths Worldwide and Senator Yemi Adaramodu to address critical issues affecting the community’s development and well-being. Senator Adaramodu acknowledged the voting strength of Ikere Kingdom and promised to continue developing the town, considering its status as the largest town in Ekiti South Senatorial District.

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