Ikere Debate Concludes with Free JAMB Scholarships

The Ekiti Youth Parliament, Ikere Constituency, celebrated the successful conclusion of the Ikere Inter Secondary Schools Debate, which centered on the topic “Does the current education system adequately prepare youth for leadership roles in society?”

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The event showcased the intellectual prowess and eloquence of secondary school students from across Ikere, as they presented compelling arguments both for and against the motion. This debate highlighted the remarkable talent and potential within the region’s youth, underscoring the critical importance of fostering such intellectual engagements.

The winners from each constituency were as follows:

Constituency 1:
1st Place: St. Louis Grammar School, Ikere Ekiti
2nd Place: Annunciation School, Ikere Ekiti
3rd Place: Ikere High School, Ikere Ekiti

Constituency 2:
1st Place: Government College, Ikere Ekiti
2nd Place: Ajolagun High School, Ikere Ekiti
3rd Place: Amoye Grammar School, Ikere Ekiti

To further encourage academic excellence and a commitment to continuous learning, Hon. Oluwadunsin and Hon. Olaoluwa announced the provision of free JAMB form scholarships to four outstanding students. The beneficiaries are:

Constituency 1:
1. Kolade Ibidayo – Annunciation School
2. Oderinu Peace – St. Louis Grammar School

Constituency 2:
1. Owoseni Stella – Amoye Grammar School
2. Akinniyi Bright – Government College

These scholarships aim to motivate students to strive for excellence and pursue higher education. Certificates for the scholarships will be presented to the recipients during their respective school assemblies, ensuring that their hard work and dedication are recognized publicly among their peers.

The Ekiti Youth Parliament commended all participants for their enthusiasm and dedication, and extended heartfelt congratulations to the winners. This initiative demonstrates the parliament’s commitment to fostering educational excellence and leadership development among the youth of Ekiti State, as they nurture the next generation of leaders who will shape the future of the region.

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