Ekiti PDP Must Unify, Rebuild and Recommit to Take Back Governorship from APC

The Ekiti state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) finds itself at a critical juncture as the 2026 gubernatorial election approaches. Since the departure of former Governor Ayo Fayose in 2018, the PDP in Ekiti has struggled to regain its footing, suffering defeats in successive electoral contests against the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

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The problems plaguing the Ekiti PDP are multifaceted. Party unity and cohesion have frayed, with reports of PDP stalwarts cozying up to their APC counterparts for personal gain rather than focusing on the broader goal of reclaiming the governorship. This internal division and lack of principled leadership has proven disastrous, allowing the APC to cement its dominance through its well-documented “money for money, madness for madness” campaign tactics.

If the Ekiti PDP harbors any hope of reversing this trend and emerging victorious in 2026, the party must embark on a comprehensive process of rebuilding, rebranding and reconnecting with the electorate. This starts with installing fearless, battle-tested party leadership that can stand up to the APC’s financial muscle and hardball political maneuvers. The party faithful must unite behind this new guard, eschewing personal ambitions for the greater good of the PDP.

Crucially, the party’s candidate selection process for the 2026 gubernatorial race must be transparent, inclusive and devoid of imposition. The rank-and-file members must be empowered to choose a standard-bearer who can galvanize the party’s base and appeal to a broader cross-section of Ekiti voters. This individual must not only possess the requisite experience and policy vision, but also the strength of character to withstand the APC’s onslaught.

The PDP’s campaign strategy for 2026 must be meticulously planned and executed. They must invest heavily in voter education and mobilization efforts, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to reach every corner of the state. Campaign messaging should highlight the party’s developmental track record during the Fayose era, contrasting it with the APC’s perceived shortcomings in governance. Additionally, the PDP must leverage digital tools and social media to amplify its campaign, engaging directly with the tech-savvy youth demographic.

Financial resources will undoubtedly be a key battleground, as the APC’s deep pockets have proven decisive in past elections. The PDP must explore innovative funding streams, tapping into the party’s nationwide network of supporters and sympathizers. At the same time, the party must demonstrate a fervent commitment to transparency and prudent management of campaign funds, in stark contrast to the APC’s history of vote-buying and other financial improprieties.

Perhaps most crucially, the Ekiti PDP must rebuild trust with the electorate, many of whom have become disillusioned by the party’s recent failures. This will require a concerted effort to reconnect with grassroots communities, understanding their pressing needs and concerns. The party’s policy platform should be crafted with input from these stakeholders, ensuring it resonates with the everyday lives of Ekiti residents.

The road ahead for the Ekiti PDP is undoubtedly arduous, but the prize of reclaiming the governorship is well worth the struggle. With unity of purpose, bold and visionary leadership, and a genuine commitment to serving the people, the party can position itself for a triumphant return in 2026. The future of Ekiti state hangs in the balance, and the PDP must rise to the occasion.


Akomolafe Olumide P



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