Ekiti Rebirth Movement Celebrates Dr. Wole Oluyede’s Diamond Jubilee, Backs South Senatorial District Candidacy

The Ekiti Rebirth Movement has expressed its deep appreciation to the people of Ekiti State for coming together to celebrate the diamond jubilee birthday of Dr. Wole Oluyede, a prominent indigene and gubernatorial aspirant.

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The Movement, led by Olorunda Femi, has also taken the opportunity to rally support for Dr. Oluyede’s ambition to become the next governor of Ekiti State, noting that the South Senatorial District of the state has never produced a governor before.

“Dr. Wole Oluyede is more than qualified to be the next governor of Ekiti State,” said Olorunda Femi. “He has a proven track record of leadership, a deep understanding of the challenges facing our state, and a clear vision for moving Ekiti forward.”

The Movement highlighted Dr. Oluyede’s extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, including his time as a successful entrepreneur, a respected healthcare professional, and a community leader.

“Dr. Oluyede has dedicated his life to serving the people of Ekiti, and we believe he is the best candidate to lead our state into a new era of prosperity and progress,” Femi continued.

The Ekiti Rebirth Movement has called on all sons and daughters of Ekiti to support Dr. Oluyede’s gubernatorial ambition, noting that it is time for the South Senatorial District to have the opportunity to produce the state’s next governor.

“Ekiti is a state of great potential, and we believe that Dr. Oluyede has the vision, the expertise, and the passion to unlock that potential and transform our state into a shining example for the rest of Nigeria,” Femi said.

The Movement has also commended the people of Ekiti for their unwavering support and celebration of Dr. Oluyede’s milestone birthday, stating that it is a testament to the deep respect and admiration the people have for the esteemed elder statesman.

“Dr. Oluyede’s life and legacy have inspired countless Ekiti people, and we are honored to stand with him as he embarks on this next chapter of his journey,” Femi said.

The Ekiti Rebirth Movement has pledged to continue its efforts to rally support for Dr. Oluyede’s gubernatorial ambition, and has called on all Ekiti people to join them in this historic endeavor.

“Together, we can build a better Ekiti, a state that works for all its citizens, and we believe that Dr. Wole Oluyede is the leader who can make that vision a reality,” Femi concluded.

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