Ekiti Rebirth Movement Rallies Oba’s and Community Leaders to Back Hometown Candidate Dr. Wole Oluyede for 2026 Governor

The Ekiti Rebirth Movement, a prominent political advocacy group in Ekiti State, is mobilizing the Oba’s and community leaders in Ekiti South to align and support their intention to see an Ekiti South indigene emerge as the next governor of Ekiti State in the 2026 gubernatorial election.

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The group is firmly rooting for Dr. Wole Oluyede, a medical doctor from Ikere-Ekiti in Ekiti South, to contest the governorship election under a major political party. Dr. Oluyede is a respected and popular leader who has contested for the governorship seat in the past, though he did not emerge as the candidate for his party.

Femi Olorunda, the head of the Ekiti Rebirth Movement, stated that Dr. Oluyede is eminently qualified to lead Ekiti State to victory and transformational change. “Dr. Oluyede is a man of impeccable integrity, vast experience, and the wisdom needed to steer Ekiti to greatness,” Olorunda said. “He is our preferred choice to succeed the incumbent governor and take our state to new heights.”

Ekiti South, comprising six local government areas, is the largest senatorial district in the state. The people of the region are eager to see one of their own clinch the governorship seat, which has never been occupied by an Ekiti South indigene before.

“Ekiti South has been marginalized for too long. We have produced capable leaders, but they have never been given the opportunity to govern the state. Oluyede is a distinguished son of Ekiti South, and we are confident that he has what it takes to transform Ekiti State and restore its glory.”

The Ekiti Rebirth Movement has embarked on a massive grassroots mobilization campaign, reaching out to community leaders, youth groups, and other stakeholders across the six local government areas of Ekiti South. The group is confident that with the support of the people, Dr. Oluyede will emerge victorious in the 2026 gubernatorial election.

“Our people are tired of being sidelined and are ready to take their destiny into their own hands,” said Mrs. Kehinde Adebayo, the women’s leader of the Ekiti Rebirth Movement. “Dr. Oluyede is the man we trust to bring the much-needed development and prosperity to Ekiti State.”

The group has also appealed to other political parties and their candidates to consider zoning the governorship ticket to Ekiti South in the spirit of fairness and equity. “Ekiti South has the population, the resources, and the political clout to produce the next governor,” said Olorunda. “We are confident that our people will rally behind Dr. Oluyede and ensure his victory at the polls.

As the 2026 gubernatorial election draws near, the political landscape in Ekiti State is set to be dominated by the push for an Ekiti South indigene to emerge as the next governor.

The Ekiti Rebirth Movement and its supporters are determined to make this a reality, believing that Dr. Wole Oluyede is the right man to lead the state to greatness.

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