The people of Ekiti State are coming together today to celebrate the diamond jubilee (60th birthday) of their esteemed leader, Dr. Wole Oluyede. Dr. Oluyede, an erudite medical practitioner and renowned philanthropist, has long been celebrated for his transformative impact on the state and its people.

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In a congratulatory message, a representative of the Ekiti Rebirth Movement, led by Mr. Olorunda Femi, praised Dr. Oluyede’s exceptional brand of leadership. “Dr. Oluyede’s leadership is defined not merely by the position he holds, but by the tremendous responsibilities he has shouldered to better the lives of our citizens,” the representative noted.

The Ekiti Rebirth Movement, which has been advocating for Dr. Oluyede to run for governor in 2026, highlighted the leader’s “enigmatic, visionary, and purposeful” stewardship over the past several years. “His background and pedigree speak volumes about his ability to drive impactful change,” the representative added.

On this joyous occasion, the Ekiti Rebirth Movement and the people of Ekiti State have offered prayers and well-wishes, praying that the Almighty grants Dr. Oluyede the desires of his heart, continued good health, and many more years of fruitful service to the community.

The state looks forward to benefiting from Dr. Oluyede’s esteemed leadership for years to come. The Ekiti Rebirth Movement, which has grown in popularity across the state, firmly believes that Dr. Oluyede is the right man to lead Ekiti State as its governor in 2026.

According to the movement, Dr. Oluyede’s many good attributes, including his medical expertise, philanthropic spirit, and visionary leadership, make him the ideal candidate to address the state’s challenges and spearhead its development.

The representative from the Ekiti Rebirth Movement expressed confidence in Dr. Oluyede’s ability to impact the course of humanity, noting that his antecedents and pedigree have consistently demonstrated his commitment to serving the greater good.

As Ekiti State celebrates this momentous occasion, the people have rallied behind Dr. Oluyede, offering prayers for his continued success and prosperity. The state is eager to see how his esteemed leadership will shape the future of Ekiti in the years to come.

Dr. Oluyede’s impact on the state has been far-reaching, with his medical expertise and philanthropic initiatives impacting the lives of countless Ekiti citizens. His visionary and purposeful approach to governance has inspired hope and optimism among the people.

The Ekiti Rebirth Movement, in its unwavering support for Dr. Oluyede’s potential gubernatorial bid, has highlighted the leader’s ability to drive transformative change and fulfill the state’s aspirations for progress and development.

As the people of Ekiti State commemorate Dr. Oluyede’s diamond jubilee, they do so with a sense of gratitude and anticipation for the continued positive impact he will have on the state and its people. The future of Ekiti looks bright with Dr. Oluyede at the helm.

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