Federal Government Begins 15-Day Emergency Fuel Supply to Combat Fuel Scarcity

In response to the ongoing fuel scarcity affecting various regions, the Federal Government has commenced a 15-day emergency fuel supply operation aimed at ensuring the availability of fuel throughout the country.

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The government has stated that vessels transporting Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) will continue to dock at ports to unload fuel, which will then be distributed to different depots and subsequently to filling stations across the nation.

The Major Energies Marketers Association of Nigeria recently reported that its members in Apapa and other locations in Lagos received 300 million liters of fuel from eight vessels this week.

The South-West Regional Coordinator of the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority, Ayo Cardoso, confirmed that in addition to the 240 million liters already offloaded at various depots on Monday, approximately 85 million liters of petrol were also offloaded by Tuesday evening.

However, despite these efforts, queues at filling stations have not subsided, even on May Day when Nigerians traditionally celebrate. On Wednesday, roads in Ogun, Lagos, and other areas were observed to be deserted, while vehicles lined up at filling stations in search of fuel. Some individuals reported parking their vehicles until petrol becomes available.

Furthermore, the few stations that did have fuel were selling it at excessively high prices.

Nevertheless, Cardoso of the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority assured the public that fuel would soon be readily available nationwide. He stated that the government is working diligently to ensure the extensive distribution of PMS.

Cardoso revealed that more vessels are expected to arrive in Nigeria over the next two weeks, with continuous distribution to filling stations planned. He emphasized that each state has been allocated fuel supplies to alleviate queues at filling stations.

Cardoso stated, “There will soon be enough fuel across Nigeria. As of Tuesday

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