Ikere Students Protest Delayed Release of Academic Results, Disrupting Graduation and NYSC Registration

In a significant turn of events at the University of Nigeria NSUKKA,  students from the 2022 graduating class, Ikere Campus have taken to protesting the prolonged delay in the release of their academic results. As a consequence, they are unable to proceed with their graduation and subsequently register for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

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According to the Secretary of the Students’ Union, Comr. Osolonge Taiwo while speaking to SOLIDSTARNEWS Reporter said the situation escalated to a point where the police from Uro’s Area Command had to intervene. While their presence has somewhat restored a semblance of calm, tensions remain high as the school gate has been locked, leaving students in a state of panic.

Despite the mounting unrest, the university management has yet to address the protesting students, exacerbating their frustration and deepening the crisis.

The students’ grievances revolve around the non-availability of their academic results, which not only hampers their graduation but also prevents them from undertaking the mandatory NYSC registration. As a result, the affected students fear potential implications on their career prospects and professional development.

The university administration is urged to swiftly engage with the protesting students and address their concerns to restore normalcy and ensure the timely release of the long-awaited academic results.

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