Ibadan School Owner ‘Disappears’ After Collecting WAEC, NECO Fees From Students, Relocates Abroad

In a troubling turn of events, Sunday Adeyemi, the owner of a school in Ibadan, has allegedly absconded from the country after collecting WAEC and NECO exam fees from his students.

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According to Adejoke Lasisi, the founder of Planet 3R, some parents had to borrow money to pay the exam fees, only to find out later that Adeyemi had not actually registered the students for the exams. Lasisi revealed in a Facebook post that Adeyemi went as far as selling his house and other properties to fund his relocation abroad, effectively ruining the academic futures of his students.

Lasisi recounted a similar experience from her own family’s past, where her younger brother was unable to sit for his exams after the school collected the fees but failed to register him. The family had to scramble to find the funds for him to take the GCE exams instead.

In her post, Lasisi expressed outrage at Adeyemi’s actions, describing him as an “evil man” who collected 95,000 Naira from each student under the guise of his school, called “The Lord’s Favour,” which he had been running for over 20 years. She emphasized that while people should be free to “japa” (emigrate), it should be done with their own money and property, not by exploiting their students.

The incident has left the affected students and parents in a precarious situation, with concerns that some may not be able to afford the exams again next year, potentially delaying their academic progress. Lasisi’s post has garnered significant attention, highlighting the need for stronger measures to protect students from such unscrupulous practices by school owners.

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