Ekiti Rebirth Movement Advocates an End to Marginalization in Ekiti South Senatorial District

In a bid to secure a promising future and address the persistent marginalization of the Ekiti South Senatorial District, the Ekiti Rebirth Movement has emerged as a formidable force advocating for change. Led by Dr. Oluwole Oluyede, the movement aims to foster visionary and competent leadership that will pave the way for a better future.

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Recognizing the importance of inclusive governance and equal representation, the Ekiti Rebirth Movement has set its sights on the forthcoming 2026 gubernatorial election. The movement believes that by supporting Dr. Oluwole Oluyede’s candidacy, the long-standing marginalization of the Ekiti South Senatorial District can be effectively addressed.

Dr. Oluwole Oluyede, a respected leader within the community, has demonstrated a deep commitment to the welfare and progress of the Ekiti South Senatorial District. His vision for a better future resonates with many residents who have long felt neglected and overlooked.

Speaking on behalf of the Ekiti Rebirth Movement, a representative, Olorunda Femi highlighted the urgency of ending the marginalization that has plagued the district for far too long. The representative emphasized that yesterday’s struggles are in the past, but today’s actions are essential for shaping a brighter tomorrow.

The movement’s call for change has gained significant momentum, as residents across the Ekiti South Senatorial District rally behind Dr. Oluwole Oluyede’s leadership. Many believe that his track record of competence and dedication make him the ideal candidate to champion their cause and secure a better future for the district.

As the 2026 gubernatorial election approaches, the Ekiti Rebirth Movement aims to mobilize support, engage the community, and raise awareness about the imperative need to end the marginalization of the Ekiti South Senatorial District. The movement’s members are confident that through their collective efforts, they can effect positive change and ensure the district’s rightful place in the political landscape of Ekiti State.

With the Ekiti Rebirth Movement leading the charge, residents are hopeful that the time for a new beginning, free from marginalization, has finally arrived. The movement’s call for visionary and competent leadership resonates with the aspirations of many, and they are ready to rally behind Dr. Oluwole Oluyede’s bid for a better future.

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