Ekiti State Governor, Mr Biodun Oyebanji Appoints Supervisors and Advisers for Local Government Administration

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Biodun Oyebanji, this Tuesday has announced the appointment of supervisors and advisers for the 16 local government councils in the state. The move aims to reinforce local government administration and facilitate improved service delivery across the region.

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Effective from May 2, 2024, the appointed supervisors and advisers will assume their roles and responsibilities, working closely with local government officials to enhance governance and address the needs of the communities within their respective jurisdictions.

Governor Oyebanji expressed his confidence in the newly appointed individuals, emphasizing their qualifications and dedication to public service. He highlighted the importance of local government administrations in delivering essential services and promoting development at the grassroots level. The governor also reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring effective governance and empowering local authorities to meet the aspirations of the people.

The appointment of supervisors and advisers reflects the governor’s vision to strengthen local governance structures and foster collaboration between the state government and local communities. By bringing in experienced professionals and experts, the administration aims to tap into their knowledge and skills to drive progress and implement impactful initiatives across the state.

The governor’s decision to appoint supervisors and advisers demonstrates his administration’s commitment to inclusiveness and participatory governance. The appointed individuals will serve as vital links between the state government and local communities, actively engaging with residents to identify their needs and facilitate the delivery of essential services.

Governor Oyebanji urged the newly appointed supervisors and advisers to prioritize transparency, accountability, and good governance in their respective roles. He emphasized the need for effective communication, collaboration, and synergy among all stakeholders to achieve meaningful development and progress at the grassroots level.

The people of Ekiti State eagerly anticipate the positive impact of these appointments on the overall development and welfare of their communities. With the collective efforts of the state government, local authorities, and the newly appointed supervisors and advisers, the stage is set for a prosperous and vibrant future for Ekiti State.

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