Federal Government Urges Labour to Accept Proposed N60,000 Minimum Wage

The Nigerian government has appealed to the organized labour to accept the proposed N60,000 national minimum wage. The Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Mrs. Nkeiruka Onyejeocha, made the appeal in a statement on Wednesday in Abuja.

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This comes after the organized labour rejected the N60,000 proposal from the Tripartite Committee earlier this week. The labour unions had reduced their demand from N500,000 to N494,000.

In the statement, Onyejeocha said the federal government has been consistent in taking steps to secure a fair and realistic wage for Nigerian workers. “We are committed to putting the people first and ensuring that our economic policies benefit all Nigerians, not just a select few,” she stated.

The minister acknowledged the importance of ensuring citizens receive a decent standard of living and said the government has made a concession by increasing the proposed minimum wage from N57,000 to N60,000. “This is the path that this government has chosen to pursue, and we will not deviate or stray from the course,” Onyejeocha added.

She emphasized that President Bola Tinubu has been tireless in his efforts to revitalize the economy and improve the standard of living for all Nigerians. The government appealed to all relevant parties to demonstrate patriotism and understanding during this critical period.

However, the meeting between the government and labour unions on Wednesday ended in a deadlock, with no agreement reached. The labour unions have threatened to commence a nationwide strike if the government fails to come up with a reasonable minimum wage offer by May 31.

The government has expressed optimism that continued engagement with the labour unions will yield a positive outcome, as it remains committed to creating jobs, stimulating economic growth, and reducing poverty across the country.

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