Police stray bullet kills two in Ekiti

In a tragic turn of events, two youths have lost their lives in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, following an accident that sparked mob violence and a subsequent police intervention that resulted in an accidental shooting.

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According to witness reports, the incident occurred on Tuesday around 10 pm in the Omisanjana area of Ado Ekiti. Immediately after an accident in the area, a group of irate youths attempted to attack the driver and set the vehicle ablaze. The police were called in to quell the tension, but when they arrived at the scene, the youths showed no signs of remorse.

In the process of trying to disperse the crowd, one of the police officers accidentally discharged their firearm, tragically striking and fatally injuring two of the youths. The victims were rushed to the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, but they were unable to be saved and have since been deposited in the morgue.

The Ekiti State Police Command, through its spokesperson, DSP Sunday Abutu, has confirmed the incident and stated that a discreet investigation has commenced. Abutu explained that the police had initially deployed the State Traffic Section to the scene to maintain law and order and ensure the safety of the victims. However, the irate youths resisted the officers, leading to the unfortunate shooting.

The police officer responsible for the fatal shooting has been disarmed, arrested, and detained, and will face immediate disciplinary action. The Ekiti State Commissioner of Police, CP Akinwale Kunle Adeniran, has expressed condolences to the families of the deceased and assured that justice will prevail.

This tragic incident has once again highlighted the delicate balance between maintaining public order and the need to protect innocent lives. The Ekiti State Police Command has vowed to thoroughly investigate the matter and hold accountable any individual found culpable.

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