Ojuawo Media Team Dismisses Malicious Article as Work of Disgruntled Former Team Member

In a strongly worded press release, the Ojuawo Media Team has addressed a recent malicious article published on social media targeting the House of Representatives Candidate, Representing Ekiti South Federal Constituency, Hon. Adeniyi Ojuawo.

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The team according to the Press Release initially intended to ignore the unsigned article, dismissing it as the work of a “faceless or ignorant individual seeking attention.” However, their investigation revealed that the article was in fact written by Mr. Bode Adeniyi, who was previously part of the Ojuawo Media Team during the 2023 general election campaign and continued to work with the team after Ojuawo’s inauguration in June 2023.

According to the press release through Hon. Ojuawo aide, Mr Adekoya who said Mr. Adeniyi has been a “hindrance to the media team due to his insatiable greed, hooliganism, and unruly behavior,” which has made him redundant for the past eight months. Despite this, the media team states that their principal, Hon. Ojuawo, continued to pay Adeniyi’s monthly allowance throughout this period.

The press release further explains that around March, Mr. Adeniyi wrote a “damaging piece” against Hon. Ojuawo simply because he was “chastised for one of his nefarious behaviors that could bring disrepute to our principal.” The team reported him, and his allowance was subsequently stopped last month as a “punitive measure against his gangsterism lifestyle.”

The Ojuawo Media Team emphasizes that Hon. Ojuawo has never abandoned any individual or group that worked in his support during the 2023 general election. They are dismissing the recent article and consider the writer, Mr. Adeniyi, to be seeking “unnecessary attention, which he does not deserve until he amends his ways.”


Credit: Ojuawo Media Team

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