Engr. Henrich Bankole Akomolafe, Former PDP Representative Candidate, Calls for Love During Easter

In a heartfelt message during this period of the Easter celebrations, Engr. Henrich Bankole Akomolafe, the former People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Representative Candidate for Ekiti South Federal Constituency, has called on Nigerians to embrace love and unity during this festive season.

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In his statement, Engr. Akomolafe emphasized the significance of Easter as a time of reflection, renewal, and reconciliation. He highlighted the need for Nigerians to set aside their political, religious, and ethnic differences and come together in love and harmony.

Engr. Akomolafe expressed his belief that love has the power to heal wounds, bridge divides, and foster a sense of belonging among the nation’s diverse populace. He called on individuals to extend a hand of friendship and understanding to one another, promoting peaceful coexistence and tolerance.

Recognizing the challenges Nigeria has faced in recent times, Engr. Akomolafe urged citizens to embrace the spirit of forgiveness and work collectively towards the progress and development of the nation. He emphasized that love and unity should be the driving force behind all efforts to address the country’s socio-economic and political issues.

As a former representative candidate, Engr. Akomolafe remains committed to serving the people and working towards a better future. He encouraged fellow politicians, community leaders, and citizens to prioritize the well-being of the nation and its people above personal interests, focusing on policies and actions that promote inclusivity and social cohesion.

Engr. Akomolafe concluded his message by extending warm Easter greetings to all Nigerians, urging them to celebrate the season with joy, gratitude, and a renewed commitment to fostering love and unity within their communities.

During this Easter celebrations, Engr. Henrich Bankole Akomolafe’s call for love and unity serves as a timely reminder of the values that can bring about positive change and healing in Nigeria. It is hoped that his message resonates with citizens across the country and encourages them to embrace the spirit of Easter in their interactions and endeavors.

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